People Connecting with People

The telephone is often viewed as an ordinary way to contact prospective or existing customers, but it is, in reality it’s far from ordinary. Email may be efficient for the recipient; the telephone is still the best way to connect with customers. Phone calls with real people create stronger relationships, foster clear communication, and allow […]

No One “Likes” Voice Mail

80% of people hang up when a call goes to voicemail. They want to speak to a real person.  Research says 71% percent will even end a business relationship over unimpressive phone communication. With 90% percent of business being conducted over the phone, not having people answering the phone is incredibly damaging in many respects. 

Increase Your Business Success

To thrive in a competitive landscape, you must be available to your customers 24×7. But an in-house receptionist will only work so many hours. So instead, hire a virtual receptionist service and make sure to take advantage of every business call. Moreover, being available 24×7 communicates a professional image to your customers, which only boosts […]